Ancestral Lineages of the Malays

Malay is a Race recognizable in Malayunesia (or Malay Archipelago) and found dominance in Indonesia, Philippines and Malaysia.

Indonesian Javanese (ancestral lineage of 88.6% Formosan, 1.9% Polynesian, 1.9% Micronesian, 3.8% Turkic, Others 6.8%)

Filipino (ancestral lineage of 82.1% Formosan, 10.3% Polynesian, 2.6% Micronesian, 2.6% Turkic, Others 2.6%)
Malaysian Malay (ancestral lineage of 66.7% Formosan, 11.1% Polynesian, 11.1% Micronesian, 5.6% Turkic, 5.6% Others)

Malays find and owe their ancestral lineages to Formosan (Taiwanese Aborigines), as well as Polynesian, Micronesian and Turkic. That Melayunesia, Melanesia, Polynesia and Micronesia together form Austronesia that covers about half of the entire global area, sea included.

A typical Malay Race carries Formosan lineage (Y-DNA Haplogroup O) of between 66.7% (Malaysian Malay) to 88.6% (Indonesian Javanese), Polynesian lineage (Y-DNA Haplogroup C) of between 1.9% (Indonesian Javanese) to 11.1% (Malaysian Malay), Micronesian lineage (Y-DNA Haplogroup K) of between 1.9% (Indonesian Javanese) to 11.1% (Malaysian Malay), and Turkic lineage of between 2.6% (Filipino) to 5.6% (Malaysian Malay).

Formosan, or Taiwanese Aborigines (ancestral lineage of 100% haplogroup O)

Polynesian of Cook Islanders (ancestral lineage of Y-DNA haplogroup: 83.3% of C, 7.5% of K, 4.6% of O, 2.8% of R, 1.8% of P)
Micronesian (ancestral lineage of Y-DNA haplogroup: 65.6% of K, 18.7% of C, 9.4% of O, 6.3% of Others)
Melanesian of Western Papua New Guinea Highlander (ancestral lineage of Y-DNA haplogroup: 74.5% of M, 24.5% of C, 1.1% of O)
Turkic of Kyrgyztan (ancestral lineage of Y-DNA haplogroup: 65.4% of R, 13.5% of C, 1.9% of K, 7.7% of O, 11.5% of Others)

This Formosan or Taiwanese Aborigines lineage (Y-DNA Haplogroup O-M175 is also shared by other nationalities in Asia-Oceania region. Listed below are nationalities that carry 60% or more of Formosan or Taiwanese Aborigines lineage, while similarly carrying Y-DNA lineages of Micronesian (Haplogroup K), Polynesian (Haplogroup C), and/or Turkic (HaplogroupR):

  1. Taiwanese – 92.3% Formosan, 3.8% Polynesian, 3.8% Micronesian
  2. Vietnamese – 91% Formosan, 9.1% Polynesian
  3. Chinese – 83% Formosan, 11.1% Micronesian, 5.6% Polynesian
  4. Korean –  64% Formosan, 12% Polynesian, 8% Micronesian, 4% Turkic, 12% Others
  5. Tongan – 60% Formosan, 23% Polynesian, 10% Micronesian, 8% Melanesian

Whilst Formosan or Taiwanese Aborigines carry 100% Haplogroup ‘O’ lineage, Polynesian of Cook Islanders were found to carry 83.3% Haplogroup ‘C’ lineage, Micronesian carries 65.6%  Haplogroup ‘K’ lineage, Melanesian of Western New Guinea Highlanders carries 74.5% Haplogroup ‘M’ lineage, and Turkic of Kyrgyztan carries 65.4% of Haplogroup ‘R’ lineage. That they too, amongst them, do carry Taiwanese Aborigine ancestral lineage of between 1.1% (Melanesian of Western New Guinea Islander) to  7.7% (Turkic of Kyrgyztan).

It is interesting to note that Micronesian, Melanesian (of WNG Highlander) and Turkic (of Kyrgyztan) amongst them do carry  Y-DNA Haplogroup ‘C’ ancestry – found dominant in Polynesian Cook Islander (83.3%) –  of  between 13.5% (Turkic of Kyrgyztan) and  24.5% (Melanesian of Western New Guinea Highlander).

Haplogroup C originated in southern Asia and spread in all directions. This particular ancestral lineage colonized Austronesia and Australia, north Asia, and currently is found with its highest diversity in populations of India, as well as Americas.

Apparently, the Malai (Malay) race of the Mala Land (Malaya) is a mixed race of ancestral lineages that are linked to Turkic Israelite’s race (Y-DNA haplogroup ‘R’); Formosan (Y-DNA haplogroup ‘O’), Micronesian (Y-DNA haplogroup ‘K’) and Polynesian (Y-DNA haplogroup ‘C’’) of south- east and east Asian race.

It is strongly believe that Polynesians are descendants of ancient Scythian or Scyths race.

That makes Malaysian Malay and Malaysian Chinese (who does not carry Y-DNA haplogroup ‘R’) very much related, whilst Malays are identical with the Japanese and the Korean (who both also carry Y-DNA haplogroup ‘R’ as well).

That ‘Malaysia is truly Asia’ is essentially based on ‘Malay is truly Asian’.

Haplogroup O-M175, which is the Haplogroup O defined by mutation M175 has various subclades as follows:

Haplogroup O1a-M119 (Austro-Tai): Found frequently among Austronesian peoples, Kradai peoples, and Ethnic minorities in China.

This lineage is presumed to be a marker of the prehistoric Austronesian expansion, with possible origins encompassing the regions along the southeastern coast of China and neighboring Taiwan, and is found among modern populations of Maritime Southeast Asia and Oceania. The great majority of Y-chromosomes within Haplogroup O1 belong to its subgroup O1a (M119).

Haplogroup O2a-M95 (Austro-Asiatic): Found frequently among Austro-Asiatic peoples, Kradai peoples, the Khmers of Cambodia, Indonesians, the Balinese of Indonesia, Malays, and Malagasy, with a moderate distribution throughout South Asia, East Asia, Central Asia, and Southeast Asia,

Haplogroup O2a1-M88: Found frequently among Hani, She people, Tai peoples, Cambodians, and Vietnamese, with a moderate distribution among Qiang, Yi, Hlai, Miao, Yao, Taiwanese aborigines, and Han Chinese.

Haplogroup O2a1a-PK4: Found with low frequency among Pashtuns, Tharus, and tribals of Andhra Pradesh.

Haplogroup O2b (SRY465, M176): Found almost exclusively among the Korean, Japanese, Thai, Vietnamese and Indonesian.

Haplogroup O2b1-47z: Found frequently among Japanese and Ryukyuans, with a moderate distribution among Indonesians, Koreans, Manchus, Thais, and Vietnamese.

Haplogroup O3a3b-M7 (Hmong-Mien): Found frequently among Ancient Daxi culture and modern Hmong-Mien peoples, with a moderate distribution among Han Chinese,Buyei,Bai, Mosuo, Tibetans, Qiang, Oroqen, Tujia, Thai, Orang Asli, western Indonesians, Malaysians, Vietnamese, and Atayal.

Haplogroup O3a3c-M134 (Sino-Tibetan): Found frequently among Sino-Tibetan peoples, with a moderate distribution throughout East Asia and Southeast Asia.




etnik-etnik indonesia


‘Y-Chromosome Diversity Is Inversely Associated With Language Affiliation in Paired Austronesian- and Papuan-Speaking Communities from Solomon Islands’ By MURRAY P. COX* AND MARTA MIRAZON LAHR, Leverhulme Centre for Human Evolutionary Studies, Department of Biological Anthropology, University of Cambridge, Downing Street, Cambridge, United Kingdom, AMERICAN JOURNAL OF HUMAN BIOLOGY 18:35–50 (2006)

The Austronesian Heritage


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  1. Abas NOORDIN says:

    This knowledge might help create and spread more love and friendship among nationalities.

    1. Tia an says:

      whether you do not show the yellow skin Indonesians ?

    2. John says:

      Yes I that hope one day there will not be any mention on racial difference , we are one ever since the days of Adam.

      1. Griffin says:

        Interesting subject. Right time to be thought world wide at home, schools, colleges everywhere and anywhere. Especially in our own home and country

    3. Alberto says:

      I think it should put a stop in finding who is your ancestral, Chinese, Malay, Indian, Indonesian, Aborigines etc we all carry one blood that is red, and we should not using race to ignite troubles. Let us live in peace like brothers and sisters, irrespective of religion and races and unite ourselves, and don’t play into Politician tricks.

  2. chernonesus aurea says:

    Nerve was in Malaya.

  3. Paulina says:

    Great read! As first gen American searching for meaning in the rootball of my tree of life, this is a lovely article! Btw, the calendar says “2012”… Please tell me I’m not spinning…lol… Mahalo!

    1. sandiwara says:

      Thanks a lot for liking this article, Paulina.

      Be assured, you’re not spinning..hehe.. It’s January 2012 calender, alright. because this article was posted on 25th January last year.

      You’ll notice dates appearing in red on the January 2012 calendar indicating there are articles posted on those dates in the month.

  4. free nomads says:

    i think javanese had more tamil gene, because they’re darkest on average in Indonesia, and many og them has a tamil feature

    1. Mr. Koko says:

      Javanese more chinese while malay people di malaysian more Tamil people

      1. KCE the real Javanese says:

        I agree with you, mr.koko

  5. Mr. halo says:

    Javanese more similiar chinese in physical appearance, just have a little more light brown skin.

    1. KCE the real Javanese says:

      It’s true

    2. Yes, Javanese and Southern Chinese (Fujianese, Hongkongers, Macaunese, Guangdong, Guangxi, Hainanese, Taiwanese (Han and Aborigin), Yunnanese, etc with Y Hg O*-M175, mtDNA Hg R, B and F and their Autosomal World Regions DNA were truly Asians. “Pure” Western Indonesians don’t have or extremely low an Oceanian (Papuan, Australian Aborigines) DNA amounts.

  6. Mr. Koko says:

    Lots Javanese have” slanted eye” a lot of points compare with if the malaysian or Filipino, even those categorized as the thai / vietnam ;-

  7. KCE the real Javanese says:

    What??? Javanese considered as Malay race from Melayunesia?? It’s nonsense ridiculous! Javanese is Javanese! Javanese is ABSOLUTELY NOT part of Malay race! Malay racial concept just exists in Malaysia and Singapore! Not in another countries especially Indonesia! You Malaysian should respect Indonesian Javanese and non-Malay by consider them as different ethnicity! Indonesian are Mongoloid-Austronesian “race”!! Not Malay race!!

    1. Yang Amat Bergaya says:

      Mongoloid? haha do you know what it means? lol

      I think its much better for Javanese to be under Malay-Race (Bangsa Melayu). After all most of us have many things in common. FYI Malays (orang Melayu) and Malay Race (Bangsa Melayu) is two different thing. Google up if you want to know more.

      And yes i’m a Malay, Muslim, and Malaysian.

      1. sandiwara says:

        Melayu as an ethnic is Malay, but Melayu as a race is Malayan, that Filipino consider themselves Malayan..

      2. KCE the real Javanese says:

        Javanese is better to under Malay race?? LOL LOL LOL it’s the funniest stupid joke of a jerkies Malaysian Malay namen @Yang Amat Bergaya who look around to find allies in order to increase Malay (of course fake Malay) who afraid of Chinese and Indian power in Malingsial? Wkwkwk no wonder the Indonesian considers your country as a thief!! ^ OPEN YOUR EYES DUMBASS!! don’t you realize that? Javanese-Chinese-Malay-Bugis-Thai-Amerindians-Korean-Japanese-Tibetan-Taiwanese aborigin-Sundanese-Betawi-etc is belong to the same group of race=MONGOLOID.

    2. Race, ie, the terms “Javanese, Malay, Thai, Filipino, Indian etc” are mostly based on cultural and political boundaries and is subjective and there are many variations; it is not determined by your DNA composition. You should also check out on their study on human migration through the ages by compiling DNA data from over 600,00 people worldwide.

      1. I meant 600,000 people not 60000

    3. I don't care what you think says:

      Your comment is just full of xenophobic rubbish therefore your argument is invalid.

      1. KCE the real Javanese says:

        Me? Rubbish? JUST LOOK AT YOURSELF! invalid? I have evidence that MALAY RACE IS ABSOLUTELY INVALID, it’s concept is just available in your Malaysian political! Javanese in Indonesia, Suriname, New Caledonia, Netherland, and every of them throughout the world, WILL BE ALWAYS PROUD TO BE JAVANESE as their identity, not your stinky Malay “stupid-black” race


    4. Zon Kamariah M. Wahie says:

      So, what’s the big deal? Do you excrete gold bars when you sit on the toilet bowl? sheesh… what a racist idiot.

    5. Sabura says:

      Wow, ignorance. Deny all you want but we’re all more related than you think. This mentality is what causes separation and entitlement. And oh, yes. I’m Malay and this article is very fascinating.

  8. Rahasia says:

    mmm i dont really understand this “race” things but i heard that all asians are originated from a group of people that lived on a mass of land (sunken land now) that situated between japan and indonesia. The submerged land was the center civilization back then and served as a bridge that connected SEA and east asia. And i also heard that experts call these people Sundanese which is similar to the region Sunda in Indonesia.

    1. KCE the real Javanese says:

      That was one of many theory about asian (mongoloid) people. Some says southeastern asian comes from Yunnan (southern Chinese), some says they are from Taiwan (aboriginal Taiwanese/Austronesians), and some other says they come from India (Tamils). But I more agree about the theory that southeastern asian comes from Yunnan, and yes ALL Asian peoples (Mongoloids) are connected and came from same ancestral lineage

      1. passer-by says: This article argued that people migrated from South East Asia to North based on DNA. Migration theory from North to South may not be true.

      2. Lebai Yaakob says:

        Glucose-6-Phosphate Dehydrogenase (G6PD)Variants in Malaysian Malays
        O. Ainoon

        , Y.H. Yu
        , A.L. Amir Muhriz
        , N.Y. Boo
        , S.K. Cheong
        , and N.H. Hamidah

        Department of Pathology, Faculty of Medicine, National University of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia;
        Department of Paediatrics, Faculty of Medicine, National University of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
        *Correspondence to: Dr. Othman Ainoon, Department of Pathology, Faculty of Medicine, National Universityof Malaysia, Jalan Yaacob Latif, Bandar Tun Razak, Cheras, 56000, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; Tel.: 603-91703789; Fax: 603-91737340; E-mail:

        Grant sponsor:

        Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment
        Malaysia; Grant number: IRPA GRANTNO. 06-02-02-0072.

        Communicated by Mark H. Paalman

        We performed DNA analysis using cord blood samples on 86 male Malay neonatesdiagnosed as G6PD deficiency in the National University of Malaysia Hospital by acombination of rapid PCR-based techniques, single-stranded conformation polymorphismanalysis (SSCP) and DNA sequencing. We found 37.2% were 871G>A (G6PDViangchan), 26.7% were nt 563 C>T (G6PD Mediterranean ) and 15.1% were 487G>A(G6PD Mahidol) followed by 4.7% 1376G>T (G6PD Canton), 3.5% 383T>C (G6PDVanua Lava), 3.5% 592C>T ( G6PD Coimbra), 2.3% 1388G>A (G6PD Kaiping), 2.3%1360C>T (G6PD Union), 2.3% 1003G>A (G6PD Chatham ), 1.2% 131C>G (G6PDOrissa) and 1.2% 1361G>A (G6PD Andalus). Seventy-one (82.6%) of the 86 G6PD-deficient neonates had neonatal jaundice. Fifty seven (80%) of the 71 neonates with jaundice required phototherapy with only one neonate progressing to severehyperbilirubinemia (serum bilirubin >340
        mol/l) requiring exchange transfusion. Therewas no significant difference in the incidence of neonatal jaundice , mean serum bilirubinlevel, mean age for peak serum bilirubin, percentage of babies requiring phototherapyand mean number of days of phototherapy between the three common variants. Inconclusion, the molecular defects of Malay G6PD deficiency is heterogeneous and G6PDViangchan, Mahidol and Mediterranean account for at least 80% of the cases. Ourfindings support the observation that G6PD Viangchan and Mahidol are commonSoutheast Asian variants. Their presence in the Malays suggests a common ancestralorigin with the Cambodians, Laotians and Thais. Our findings together with otherpreliminary data on the presence of the Mediterranean variant in this region provideevidence of strong Arab influence in the Malay Archipelago.

      3. Lebai Yaakob says:

        26.7% were nt 563 C>T (G6PD Mediterranean ) = Real Malay Malaysia .
        The rest are Minang, Jawa, Mendeleng, Bugis, Banjar,Rawa etc

      4. Lebai Yaakob says:
    2. Calvin says:

      Situated between Japan and Indonesia…??? Ermmm.. where is that??

      1. Javanization says:

        Malay /= javanwse, banjarese, minangkabau, etc

        Its just like youre try to saying that

        chinese = japanese, korean, inuits

        Germans = British, Dutch, France, Danish

  9. minah Jane says:

    While the malays are definitely within the austronesian family and are related to the taiwanese Ami Tribe or the Formosan, the Formosan are not Han Chinese, unless there are mixed marriages. Same goes with the Malays (unless mixed with Han through contacts and marriages). Malays are the descendants of the orang sakai and jakun who are descendants of the semang tribe, which are the direct descendants of the single migration out of Africa (maternal mitochondrial dna). Either it is the out of Taiwan theory as what this haplogroup suggests, or the out of Sundaland which Oppenheimer suggests, Taiwan natives are definitely related to the malays. But Taiwan natives are NOT Han Chinese, which are the malaysian chinese or the migrational chinese the world over. Han Chinese are a newer race compare to the Austronesian, and are linked to the mongols more than us. Japanese and Korean are ancient race as they stemmed off from the first single migration out of Africa into Sundaland, that migrated north.

    1. Rapa Nui says:

      Hi there minah jane…indeed, Taiwan, Hainan and Southern China is definitely not Han China.

    2. Mongolian, Japanese Ainu – Jomon, Buryatia are the Oldest Ethnic Groups in Far East Asia their “PURE” Paternal Y DNA Haplogroup C-M130 ; C2-M217, and Maternal mtDNA Haplogroup M8, CZ, C, Z, M11, M9, and Z. (all of them are M Type). “Pure” Austronesian, Austroasiatic, Non Han / South Chinese in Southern China and the Han Chinese, all 100% of them have Y DNA Haplogroup O*-M175 and it’s subclades. Perhaps, a pure Han Chinese have more “Mongoloid DNA” Y DNA Haplogroup O-M122, O-M134 and O-M117. These Paternal Haplogroups share a common ancestors with another’s Southeast Asian O’s Haplogroup and it’s subrances. But it seems when about 7000 Years BP ago, these “3 Chinese Grantfathers” went and get married with a Northern Minorities in China, Manchurian, Japanese and Korean / Northeast Asians people.

  10. minah Jane says:

    Please do not confuse the Formosan with Han Chinese as Han Chinese came and conquered Taiwan and killed most of the Formosan tribes when they fled during Chiang Kai Shek’s time. They brutally slaughtered the native Ami tribe which resulted in less than 7 tribes left today… even a Hong Kong film had been made about this atrocity not so long ago.

    1. Calvin says:

      Han chinese is not a race.. it’s a grouping..
      The name originated from a lineage from Han dynasty emperors.. that was 400 BC.. and during Han dynasty, whichever area in China conquered became inseminated into what is considered Han chinese.. and it went further from there, with dynasties after dynasties.. more and more races were inseminated to become considered Han chinese..

    2. Calvin says:

      And Taiwan was already taken over during the fall of Ming dynasty, by zheng chen gong.. go do some reading up..

      1. Dear Friends, Certainly this is most interesting and quite a feasible research. However, the DNA rersearches from a few notable global universities and supported by National Geographic had traced the geneacology of the African DNA to have spread across the World. Specifically, they stated Yunan and Taiwan and the Poleynesians as well as the Micronesians! Any comments?
        Cheers, Amin (

    3. Zon Kamariah M. Wahie says:

      MInah Jane spewing her ignorance on an international platform. Or did you forget your tabs today?

  11. Anaru says:

    OK – Ancestral lineage of the Malay? At what part of the time? If you guy are saying about the Male Y-DNA of the Malay i.e O2a, O2a1 then you’ll find that, based on suggestion from current studies, these same people are found all over Asia – Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Eastern Asia, Philippine, Borneo, Indonesia and Malaya. But the Haplogroup also started from the ancestor /upperclade Haplogroup O, that made the people of Haplogroup O1, O2, O3. Haplogroup O2a did not exist before Haplogroup O.

    So what, the Malay ancestor is of course the African..Indian… based on Haplogroup A–>B…..L–>O same to the Chinese, Indian, Korean, Japanese which are all have the ancestor Haplogroup O.

    OK – then the Female Malay mtDNA origin? Studies found out Malay Female most belong to mtDNA Haplogroup E1, E1a. But these Haplogroup has the upperclade/ancestor M. Haplogroup E also started from L–>M–>B, E. So what…? These people are found in Africa, India and Asia. Current studies suggest that E is more diverse in Sundaland that Mainland Asia. Haplogroup B is found more diverse in Mainland Asia. But all started from Africa to India to Sundaland.

    1. Lebai Yaakob says:
  12. musangking says:

    All peoples come from Adam. Period.

    1. musangking, your comment contributes nothing to the discussion. Don’t you understand that the article and most of the comments are based on scientific analysis and evidence? Perhaps it would help you read read and understood the original article.

      1. matahariwp says:

        Scientifically, Darwin concluded that the human race originated from Monkeys.

    2. John says:

      Yes agree sir. Why all this fuss. Just live happily together.

      1. passer-by says:

        yes, why all the fuss? Adam is Monkey-like human and started as African. 🙂

      2. hang says:

        theoratically…..not scientifically

  13. Zoe says:

    This is just a theory, still like Charles Darwin theory. Accept malaynism theory but reject Charles Darwin theory?

  14. anson says:

    We all are human race. End of story.

    1. yup….all the same …human race…more research in the making…finally we are one… lol … 🙂

  15. Great writing and great read…seems a lot of people out there don’t know the difference between race and lineage history and terms though..pity them. 🙂

  16. MYQ says:

    Good article and interesting video 😉

  17. sanusi MJ says:

    Kajian yang dilakukan penyelidik sejarah bangsa Melayu,Pn Zaharah Sulaiman bersama beberapa penyelidik lain sejak 2009 mendapati masyarakat Semang dan Senoi berasal daripada manusia asal di Afrika yang berhijrah ke rantau ini sejak 65,000 tahun dahulu.

    Kumpulan yang berhijrah ke Benua Sunda ini merupakan nenek moyang kepada manusia moden hari ini termasuk di Asia Timur dan Amerika dan kajian juga mendapati orang Jawa, Dayak, Batak, Champa, Madagascar dan Polynesia mempunyai genetik asal daripada Semang dan Senoi dan oleh itu mereka juga orang Melayu

    Jika diteliti, bangsa Melayu ini tersebar hingga meliputi satu perenam dunia, bangsa ini turut terdapat di Madagascar dan bahasa Melayu masih lagi digunakan sehingga kini. Melayu benar-benar wujud dan bangsa ini jugalah yang membenihkan bangsa lain.

    Kajian juga dilakukan berdasarkan kepada penemuan artifak dan DNA (asid deosiribonukleik). Malah kajian turut membuktikan kewujudan bangsa Cina dan India lebih muda berbanding Melayu.

    1. Lebai Yaakob says:

      Di Malaysia Real Malay cuma 26.7 % sahaja, selain nya Bugis, Jawa Banjar, Rawa, Minang dll..

  18. Ban Ploka says:

    I don’t really understand the article. Most of all, Malays civilisation started early than Chinese? Is this a joke?

    1. KCE the real Javanese says:

      Yups, I also didn’t understand this contradicted article, Malays older than Chinese? Wtf? Javanese is part of Malay? Wtf, it’s a stupid bad joke, if tihs really a joke, I wouldn’t be laught

  19. Raden says:

    your wet dream about Malay
    There’s no such race terminology

    Again …
    “The Malay Race” is just a small
    tribe occupying a small part of
    the sumatra island and also part
    of the peninsula
    go to Sabah and Serawak; they
    won’t admit themselves as Malay.

    Again …
    Go to the eastern region of
    No one there think that they are
    of Malay race

    Again …
    Go to the Java island, especially in Yogyakarta, then call them Malay. They will surely beat you up.

    Again …
    Go to Toba region
    it’s even nearer to the peninsula
    no one there want to be called
    try calling them Malay
    and they will kill you on the spot

    Again …
    throw away your misconception
    about the great malay race
    there’s no such race as you are
    always proud of
    only a political construct of UMNO
    to preserve their reign

    I hope u understand…

    1. Lebai Yaakob says:

      In Malaysia there were 26.7 % Malays, others are indonesians..

      1. anonymous says:

        there’s nothing to do with umno since their member also not pure malay…

    2. Mad Max says:

      Please do some research before you spew ignorance. Malay can mean two things 1) an ethnic tribe out of riau, an Indonesian province 2) an idealogy made famous during the time of malacca, and the latter was acknowledged by many orientalist even by Raffles himself. did you know the famous sulalatus salatin was written by tun sri lanang; an achenese who considered himself part of this idealogy and for the longest aceh consider herself as part of this idealogy. so shut up and do some reading before you reduce malayness to just Umno and its corruption, the concept predates you by centuries and plenty of research has been done on it. You know I can say the same about the term Chinese, it is an outdated term. Subject of emperor Qin? and yet no one bats an eyelid when they use this term for ALL the ethnicities of the middle kingdom.

  20. anonymous says:

    MALAYO and Melayu are different… MALAYO is term for same family language or AUSTRONESIAN/NUSANTAO COMMUNITY… I know Yogja,etc other region in Indonesia are allergic with the malay but these were confirmed by European scientist and it’s true

    1. Begjo says:

      European? are you contradicted yourself? European didn’t admit Malay as race coz its ambigue, you mean Blumenbach’s claim? even many ethnologist and anthropologist from all over the WORLD refused to use term Malay race! for example is Luigi from France that saying “divide humans by skin color is a FUTILE EFFORTS!!” your concept was Invalid.

      Literally there is ONLY three race in Human species: Caucasoid, Mongoloid, and Negroid!!

      1. Mad Max says:

        hey man. that classification of human race by three is grossly outdated. you would know if you read more

      2. kencot says:

        @Mad Max so do “malay race” is an outdated, according to your logic

        The more accurate term is Austronesia, which is not ambigue and more objective

        If you use Stamford Raffless as an excuse, he actually stated that before he move on to java island, and he realizes that Javanese, Buginese, and Malay is completely different “race” according to his book “History of Java”

        And all begjo’s claim is not a denial, but a truth straight to the facts, get over it

  21. tea chek says:

    gasak lah tak urang sia…

    1. Mad Max says:

      @kencot. nope last i checked the malay race is still a thing no matter how much u want to deny it. there’s a wiki on it with all its relevant sources and research…u are right raffles is not a good example. how about this, the old kingdom of srivijaya was also known as heres more fact for u ‘The historical records of Srivijaya were reconstructed from numbers of stone inscriptions, most of them written in Old Malay’ notice it says old malay? those days Gangga Negara was a kingdom (malay name) and also the khmer sometimes refer to this part of the world as maybe u need to take the pill instead of me…

      1. betelisle says:

        yes true. there’s no indonesia, malaysia or filipina before for that matter. these austronesians travelled here and there and made their last destinations, their homeland.

      2. betelisle says:

        hohoho..they’re all in denial mode. the word malay made those javanese bigots

      3. Kencot says:

        So what? the last time I checked the concept of Mongolid still a thing, no matter how you deny it by calling me “deny it”, I dont deny it, I reject it because it is false and very untrue,
        Srivijaya? yes, of course they speak old Malay coz they are Malay, so what?

      4. Dadang says:

        @Beteliste Bigots? How so? people telling the truth but you call it “denial”? you should understand that the one who propose the concept of “Malay race” is Johanh Blumenbach, since Blumenbach, many Anthropoligist, athnologist, and linguist rejected this concept of Malay race

        calling Javanese is Malay is just like calling the Arab is British

        I’m Sundanese, I did not except Malay race, you want to call me bigot? poor you

      5. enkryptron says:

        you present the truth yet no counter-argument. anthropologist may present a different picture but so do linguist and historian. fact of the matter is long ago there were srivijaya, gangga negara, funan and other civilization that speak a dialect that many agreed can be termed as the precursor to the malaccan malay. these old malay were spoken and evidence of it being spoken were numerous. please come out of your ‘Indonesianness’ and see the bigger picture. this is not about national pride anymore but the truth. old malay civilization exist and they share some similarities with the khmer culturally to an extant.

      6. enkryptron says:

        and no it is not like calling an arab our local context (Malaysia) a malay is one that profess islam as his/her religion, speak malay and adhere to local custom. so by that definition its not wrong..being Malay at one point were not being seen as ethnically exclusive, did you know that Iskandar thani of acheh considered himself to be malay? you should read more.

  22. Kalani says:

    Not sure what to say. I got DNA tested, and now I’ve been educating other Polynesians about how to interpret both their autosomal DNA results and their Y-DNA results. With mitochondrial DNA, that is a bit more ancient and tends to revert back to Asia for us anyway, unlike with the Y-DNA, some are Melanesians and some Asian.

    I am O-M175, just as many Samoans and Tongans are. But being Hawaiian, many of the members of my Polynesian DNA project are obviously C based, C-M216 to be more precise. And for our mtDNA lineage, we have a lot of B4a1a1a and B4a1a1a3. I am B4a1a1a3. The others in the project have B4a1a1, B4a1a1a1 and I have two members with the Malagasy motif B4a1a1a2.

  23. Fatlly says:

    Guys, we can never pinpoint our exact race origin because the race origin in question ie formosan, polynesian, yunnan, micronesian, mongoloid, etc, etc) is not the origin, they are at the mid way of human evolution (unless you have better word). Whether we call it as adam (as most religion believe) or science community call it scientific adam, most believe that we started with a pair long time ago (50 – 100k years ago) and now we have billions of human on planet earth. In mid way of human evolution, it can be in the range of millions, hundred of thousands, ten of thousands or thousands of human. Say, ten of thousands for sake of discussion, when we say for example malay is mostly formosan, formosan itself can come from any of the thousand before formosan. So we are already mixed alot in our blood and we will never able to prove convincingly our exact race origin. But of course we can say that we come from one race where race is defined in thsi context as just the culture, boundary, identity that we create ourself to be different from others and same with some. DNA, so to speak, we are really mixed alot already with one origin. Whatever it is, we come from one and when we say we are different, we just want to be different, not because we are really different.

  24. Jason says:

    Just to add:
    A huge caveat to this analysis is that it merely trace the male migration route. While not uninteresting to the topic of discussion, it’s not the full picture.
    One might want to look at 2 papers published by teo yik ying in ajhg (Malay sequencing project) and plos genetics (Indian sequencing project) to see the ancestral admixture of the Malays.


    Count me in for any information.

  26. Abid says:

    to my understanding Malay in Malaysia is a term in our constitution defining those muslims (original malays and mixed malays (malabari/ceylonese/southern thai/arabs/chinese/bornean,hadramawt) who hold the values and culture of the Malay ancestors of Nusantara in term of food, local customs, clothing,rituals etc..however relatively many Malays in Malaysia has at least 1 or 2 mixed blood from many nations including white caucasian,turks,thai,sundanese,chinese,benggali,punjabi,arabs (including the levant and north africa) black of ivory coast,sudan, tagalog, cebuano, toerajan of sulawesi, etc…likewise my ancestors were arabs and batubara of indonesia..

  27. aznan says:

    Why can’t we simply appreciate each other’s similarities & differences instead of trying to be ‘better’ than someone else for what ever reason? The essay simply points out the details of our genetic makeup, that’s that. We should appreciate everyone

  28. merahza says:

    Reblogged this on Satu Insan – Malaysia and commented:
    Apparently, the Malai (Malay) race of the Mala Land (Malaya) is a mixed race of ancestral lineages that are linked to Turkic Israelite’s race (Y-DNA haplogroup ‘R’); Formosan (Y-DNA haplogroup ‘O’), Micronesian (Y-DNA haplogroup ‘K’) and Polynesian (Y-DNA haplogroup ‘C’’) of south- east and east Asian race.

  29. Johnphoon says:

    Simply great…we are much closer related to each other then we thought…such study are great way to bring diverse people together

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