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Abrahamic Faith (Muslim)
Malaysian, Malay
Male, Born February, 17th

Freelance Writer and Truth Seeker.

Believe in and committed to peace, human rights, freedom, social justice and societal order ,

Interests in philosophy, psychology, sociology, science, history, anthropology, comparative politics and religions

Likes music and movie of all genre

Top Posts for 90 days ending 2013-07-27 (Summarised)

English Language Articles

Ancestral Lineages of the Malays
Population of Malaysia
Maphilindo: Malays’ Unrelenting Aspiration for Regional Integration
Return to Ancestral Homeland
Anglican Bishops Shock Christians!
Enrique de Malacca
Capitalism, Socialism and Communism
The Essential Difference between a Muslim and a Believer
History of Israeli–Palestinian Conflict
Shamsiah Fakeh
‘Hudud’: A Decree Seriously Misunderstood
The Generation Gap
The Wonders of Iwahig Prison
How Malaysia and Indonesia get their respective names
Revert to Gift Economic System

Artikel Bahasa Melayu

Pantun Melayu
Benarkah Melayu dari Keturunan Bani Israel?
HIKAYAT HANG TUAH: Huraian dan Penilaian
Salasilah Keturunan 25 Rasul
Syair, Gurindam dan Seloka
Tun Teja: Antara Versi Sejarah Melayu dan Hikayat Hang Tuah
Sastera Rakyat
Kalendar Jawa
Puisi Melayu Lama
Hubungan Agama dan Politik
Peribahasa Melayu
Sastera Melayu Lama
Sandokan bahan Malaysia popular di Eropah
Pakatan Parti-Parti Politik: Lebih baik sebelum atau selepas Pilihanraya?
Dr. Burhanuddin al-Helmy

9 Comments Add yours

  1. FABIAN DIAZ says:


    I was searching for information about Mompracem, the island of Sandokan,of the novels by Emilio Salgari

    greetings from Montevideo,Uruguay,Southamerica

    1. sandiwara says:

      Perhaps you might find the information you want on Mompracem and Sandokan from this website http://www.mompracem.de/e-frames.html of Dr. Bianca Maria Gerlich.

  2. Ankit says:


    gud work man……was going through n got your link…..really intresting……

    best regards,

    1. sandiwara says:

      Thank you, Ankit.

  3. Yusof says:

    Sebab tu kut ramai melayu n jawa mata sepet, macam my family

  4. sandiwara says:

    “Ancestral Lineages of the Malays”

    Apparently, the Malai (Malay) race of the Mala Land (Malaya) is a mixed race of ancestral lineages that are linked to Turkic Israelite’s race (Y-DNA haplogroup ‘R’); Formosan (Y-DNA haplogroup ‘O’), Micronesian (Y-DNA haplogroup ‘K’) and Polynesian (Y-DNA haplogroup ‘C’’) of south- east and east Asian race.

    I strongly believe Polynesians are descendants of ancient Scythian or Scyths race.

    That makes Malaysian Malay and Malaysian Chinese (who does not carry Y-DNA haplogroup ‘R’) very much related, whilst Malays are identical with the Japanese and the Korean (who both also carry Y-DNA haplogroup ‘R’ as well).

    That ‘Malaysia is truly Asia’ is essentially based on ‘Malay is truly Asian’.

  5. Any Ideas,,
    How did the Tuans,Syeds,Niks,Wans and Megats came about?From where?Time?How did this evolve?

  6. Tabik, tabik, the wealth of your knowledge is enormous. A joy to read.


    Just discovered your blog accidentally. Frankly, quite good and informative.
    Keep it up.
    Dr. Wan hasni

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