As Faith threads

God educates

That He draws man

into making mistakes

For man learn best

from his own mistakes

As God teaches man

what’s right

And as man sets forth

to do it right

God said,

That man had got it all wronged, alright

For that was not what He’d taught

though that was what man had always thought

But let us not feel uptight

that all the while we’ve been misled

For God educates

That all man shall be

And remain upright



kuala lumpur

Jun 28, 2001

One Comment Add yours

  1. ludbafital says:

    as the saying said ‘it takes two to make things perfect’, so things follow the same credo…good vs. evil, right vs wrong, dark vs light, man vs woman, +ve vs -ve, and so..and so on…as I understood, it’s only human apprehension..human terms…human way of appreciating or despising…for in the eyes of the Beholder everything is all the same..GOOD..”everything from me is good”..

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