The world is a better place without money?

Rule of Inflation >> the more the supply of money, the more expensive things may become.

Therefore >> the less the supply of money, the cheaper will things be.

Then, logic tells us that  if there is no supply of money >> all things become free of charge!



Imagine we wake up tomorrow morning and find all our cash, debit cards and credit cards have all disappeared .. that all banks and ATM machines have all simply vanished. That everyone of us, not only in our country, but all over the world is experiencing the same thing.

What shall we do? Stop living?

No! We should all continue with our life’s routine as we normally do. All that we have to do now is to simply come up to a mutual agreement that everyone of us shall supply things for free to one another, so that everyone of us will get things for free from one another.

That is all.. as simple as that!

That we will not be worried about not getting our pay at the end of the month.. but then who cares.. if we can get anything at all.. anywhere.. for free!

We can fill up at petrol station for free, or we can have free rides on commuter trains, buses and taxis. That we can travel overseas for free and stay in hotels and dine at fine restaurants for free as well.

In fact everything at all that we need and want, we can get it for free .. be it food, clothing, accommodation, utilities, recreation, travels, communications, entertainment, transport, repairs and maintenance, as well as education, etc, so long as we keep our mutual agreement  and commitments that we will strive to meet and satisfy the market demand without charge. That we will share what we have and what we respectively produce in respect of the supplies of raw materials, machinery, merchandize, services, expertise, talents, etc, for free.

Whilst the existing ones would continue their normal productions to meet existing market demands, new entrepreneurs and manufacturers can start coming in to produce new goods, new products, or new services immediately when there is no cost to consider or profits and loss issue to worry.

Imagine doing businesses where everything is provided for free. No consultation fee,  no professional charges, no employment costs, no rental cost, no renovation cost, no electric bill, no water bill and no telephone bill. There will be no bills from vendors and suppliers, no government tax , no bank loan to service and no interests to pay, etc.

Nothing will now stop young and aspiring entrepreneurs from embarking on their dream enterprises, and that their talents will not go to waste. How nice that they will now be in the position to be of use to their societies, that they are able to start contributing and benefiting  their communities by producing free goods and services to meet new and growing demands from new users and consumers.

Alas, money has always been the issue and the culprit that forms our scarcity mentality when our mother nature  provides us everything in abundance and for free. We never get our statistics right as we really never consider true market demands and supplies.  Economic demands always fall short of the true figure because we always only consider one with purchasing power i.e. money, and so is the state of supplies that is too dependent on availability of capital i.e. money to embark on business of production and supplies.

Money really sucks!

Let us, therefore, break our slavery yoke by kissing good bye to money. We can tell the banks to close shop as we no longer need their money!

Are we ready to do that?

Of course, for a start, in order to motivate lazy ones to participate and contribute to the community either participating on economic activities or involved in community services, we may well introduce and use debit cards that carry points value (instead of monetary value).

Works and efforts are appraised using points value system to be mutually agreed by all. Everyone who works or contributes will gain points credited into personal accounts. Lazy ones will get only bare necessities which are available to all.

Other supply of goods and services ‘above the line’ will require customers to produce the said debit cards, or some may insist on membership card as well, for types of goods or services considered exclusive, premium or prestigious.

Whilst rules or law breakers will have their points deducted, as fines.

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