How Life Can Get Better in Schools

First of all, the pedagogy of instruction (or the correct use of instructive strategies) approach must be adopted and fully implemented in all our schools in Malaysia. Preparation of lessons modules must specify how it will be presented with clear statement of objectives and learning outcomes.

It must take into considerations the inherent nature and reality that each student possesses either ‘auditory’ (learn best by what they hear), ‘visual’ (learn best by what they see), or ‘kinestatic’ (learn best by what they feel) learning style that only respond effectively if the delivery suits favorably with their respective learning styles. Such learning style is often revealed by everyone, from remarks like.. “I don’t think it will work” (auditory).. “I can’t see how it will work (visual).. “My gut feel tells me it won’t work (kinestatic).

Before each lesson, a pre-test (objective questions and answers) must be conducted, and then followed by a post-test (objective questions and answers) after each lesson. Both results (the pre-test and post test marks or scores) must be compared to indicate how effective learning has taken place for each student in respect of the lesson for the day.

The majority of students in a class are of ‘kinestatic’ type, the minority belongs to the ‘auditory’ type, the rests are of ‘visual’ type.

The ‘kinestatic’ type gets ‘switch-off’ easily if the lessons are not presented in an enjoyable and sensational way.. that comes with jokes, full of actions and laughter, and involving a lot of interactive activities.

The ‘visual‘ type may gets switched-off if the teacher is not beautiful, handsome, or beautifully/smartly dressed in coordinated colours. No blackboard and white chalks, but white board with coloured markers, otherwise it bores them easily.

Only the ‘auditory’ can stands ‘ read…read…read..write..write..write… ‘ rituals in class and still be able to get interested and pay attention in class. These are the ‘minority’ that makes the ‘clever ones’ to be considered the ‘creams’ and the ‘disciplined’ ones in schools.. to be appointed prefects or class monitors.. (sigh)

I guess things are improving now..

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  1. zakat says:

    Untuk kemudahan berzakat, sahabat bisa berkunjung ke

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