Towards One Nation Truly Free and United


Freedom and democracy may mean one can become member and hold office simultaneously in multiple organizations. All NGOs allow that. Unfortunately, all political parties said to championing freedom and democracy will not allow anyone the liberty of joining and hold office in multiple parties.

Whilst every NGO works toward ‘win-win’ relationship with one another, political parties on the other hand would insist on ‘win-lose’ relationship against each other, because the other party has to lose for the other party to win an election, thus, causing rifts and divisions amongst the people, as well.

For the sake of national unity, freedom and democracy, perhaps, Registrar of Societies (ROS) should relegate all political parties back to normal NGO status, and to allow all NGOs participate in general elections. So that the more NGO one is accepted to join and mandated to hold high offices, the more chance one will win the seat in the general election from apparently stronger support from multiple organizations.

Perhaps, it helps to be prudent in minimizing election time, efforts and expenses that under such system one will not qualify to stand as a candidate for the general election unless one is shortlisted for having received minimum number of nominations from different NGOs. The number may be pre-determined by Election Commission (EC).

While, bearing in mind that all existing political parties are to be relegated to normal NGOs under the proposed new election system, and that the norms of all NGOs allow any member and office bearer the liberty of becoming member and holding offices in multiple NGOs at the same time, it is not impossible for there shall emerge one popular national leader who is elected Presidents or other lesser positions of many national organizations at the same time.

That leads to the possibility that the great number of all popular national leaders will receive unanimous nominations for the respective seats they are contesting to win the respective seats uncontested.

Such opportunities would drastically reduce election expenses. Especially if EC use Government’s allocated election funds to organize and sponsor election’s public rally on common stage at all election centres to be shared by all contesting candidates to hold political campaigns, speeches or debates.

Of course, all government-owned electronic media, especially state or district radios are in the position to allow and allocate ample and free air-time for all election candidates in the state or local district to speak or debate on radios to air their minds and attract votes.

Finally, on post-election, forming the Federal or the respective State Governments, the Federal Cabinet or the respective State Excos, shall be left alone to the respective elected representatives to decide and hold elections or selections amongst themselves.

It should be appreciated under the proposed alternative general election model, the bulk of the election and political campaign costs will be taken up by EC from Government’s general election funds. Candidates will be spared of huge costs.

Election model and system as practiced today all over the world that each candidate will require to come out with huge financial resources to ensure winning an election risks the danger of money politics and political corruptions.

We should not allow election model and processes where parties, or election candidates, will be indebted and prompted to seek ‘political sponsorship’ to create opportunities for undesirable elements, local or international, to ‘buy over’ any political party, to wrest control over partisan members who hold high office ‘to sell’ the Government by influencing Government’s policies and decision making for political and economic gains and interests as a ‘return’ to ‘investment’.

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