The Generation Gap

Find out from the  table below which generation are we in, based on the year we were born.

Perhaps we are also interested to know which generation our parents and our childrens belongs to. Why are they different from us  and how there exist generation gap between us that make our social interaction even within the same family member circle difficult.

Baby boomers tend to be very optimistic and work-centric. They will never think the employer will fire them. The reason why it is being called as baby boomers in this generation was due to the sudden increase of birth rates after the World War II.

Gen X has the “slacker” or “lazy” mentality because they born with almost everything ready. They are the first generation that has gone through day care, tuition and etc. Thus, most of the Gen X people is well educated. Loyalty is no longer in their mind, they change job or career frequently as long as they’re unhappy. Work-life balance was invented by this generation!

Gen Y is very technology wise. They love gadget! They are way optimistic than the previous generations. They really want to do something that they really enjoy. Similar to Gen X but more extreme, they don’t give a damn about loyalty at all.

Gen Z is also known as Internet Generation. Most communication is gone through social network (e.g. Facebook, Twitter) and they do not understand or have not experienced the life without an internet.

Perhaps, equipped with the knowledge, profile and characteristics of these different generations, we would have better understanding and tolerance as to character and behaviour of one another, for a better relationship amongst the same family member.

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