Imagine Malaysia


the Prime Minister

the Deputy Prime Minister

all Ministers, Deputy Ministers

and Parliamentary Secretaries


all Mentris Besar, Chief Ministers

and the State Excos


all present MPs and State Assemblymen


all and everyone of them 

at this very moment

resign from all respective party positions

and denounce respective party memberships


but resign not from respective government positions

and denounce not respective parliamentary

or state assembly seats

Wouldn’t there still remains

as intact as they should be

this Federal Government

and those State Governments

of ours?

Wouldn’t there becoming evidently clear

that all political parties

are mere NGOs?

that no political party actually

ever winning or losing

or let alone contesting

a General Election

or a By-Election!

that no political party (no NGO)

ever becoming a Government Organization

let alone to forming a Government!

that in truth,

there is no such thing as

“Kerajaan Barisan Nasional”, or

“Kerajaan PAS Kelantan”

but “Kerajaan Persekutuan”

and “Kerajaan Negeri”

– the Government of the People

by the People, for the People!

that it is nonsensical

to think of

Government and Oppositions!



kuala lumpur

April 16, 2001

One Comment Add yours

  1. ludbafital says:

    Aku dah kata, swastakan saja kerajaan ini, hang tak caya…

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